The Kotel Siddur-Prayer Book for Friday Night and Festivals


All stand equal in front of God by the wall. Here, Jews sense their Judaism, often for the first time. Touching its stones links us with our nation and heritage, with the Jewish people and our long, turbulent history. Standing at the Wall, perspectives, thoughts and feelings crystallize and the insignificant fades away. The Wall has withstood time; it has witnessed war and peace, destruction and revival. For generations, it has absorbed the prayers and yearnings for those near and far. This living testimony of rock is where memories of the Jewish people and their past mingle with their hopes for the future.

הרשמו לניוזלטר שלנו

הרשמו לניוזלטר כדי שתהיו מעודכנים תמיד, 
ותקבלו מיד למייל שלכם קופון מיוחד של
10% הנחה לרכישה הקרובה!

שעות פתיחה

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שבת: סגור

צרו איתנו קשר

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