Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament

Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament

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Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament offers a comprehensive overview of Israel's sanctuary throughout its history up until the first century. Beginning with the proto-sanctuary in Genesis, it shows how Abraham's offering up of Isaac on Mount Moriah established this site as a holy place of great signiFIcance for mankind. We then follow the dramatic story of the portable sanctuary of the Tabernacle in its long journey to Jerusalem, examining its features and associated rituals. A depiction of Solomon's Temple, famous for its splendor, is at the heart of the book. In addition, a tremendous amount of material, based on the evidence of ancient texts and recently discovered archaeological remains, is brought together to offer clues as to the precise location of this sacred building.


Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament continues the story of the Temple and the platform that surrounded it through the post-exilic, Hellenistic, and Hasmonean periods. Leen Ritmeyer's authoritative reconstructive drawings imbue the stones of the Temple with meaning and other insights to the scholar and interested layperson alike.


40 Full-Color Pages Including Maps, Illustrations and Photographs.

Size: 23cm x 30cm / 9inches x 12inches

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