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The Holy Temple is Near DVD

The Holy Temple is Near DVD

32.00 ₪מחיר

This unique and extraordinary film is brought to you on DVD, with central subjects divided into sections. Altogether, two spellbinding hours of pleasure! This film takes us back through a time tunnel, to the exodus from Egypt, the Mishkan, its construction and reestablishment at various sites, till the erection of the f rst and the second Temples.Following which we join the pilgrims..,. And as we go up we imagine the wonderfully intoxicating fragrances of smoldering incense.Together with the many pilgrims, as we enter the Temple Mount we are engulfed with deep emotion, with much joy filling our hearts as we hear the Levitical songs and music...We continue on to the Israelites' plaza and gaze with astonishment upon the beauty of the Portico (Hechal) whose sheer height reaches to the heavens. Standing closely jammed together, with our own eyes we witness miracles as we watch the Kohanim at work upon the Altar.And lo... our hearts may skip a beat at the beautiful and splendid sight of the High Priest as he enters the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur. And as we are unified together with him. a silent prayer breaks forth from our hearts:"May it be Vour will that the Holy Temple be rebuilt And that our eyes shall see Your return to Zion with compassion..."This film sets out very clearly the Jewish national history and our intimate bond with the Mount and its Holy Temple till this very day, as well as the importance of Jewish unity in our time.Viewing this film enables you to acquire in a short time much knowledge of a complex subject - almost unknown despite its great importance - in plain and lucid language and with a tangible style. Divided into subjects covering every aspect of the Holy Temple and its construction. Based upon sources drawn mainly from tractates Midot, Tamid and Yoma.

135 min 

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