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Succa Wall-In Jerusalem's Gate

Succa Wall-In Jerusalem's Gate

63.00 ₪מחיר

This Succa Wall  can be used as a complete wall of your Succa, or as a decorative element. It is also suitable for use as a theater backdrop, an assembly hall or a classroom. It can be washed in cold water and does not fade in the sun or run in the rain.

This Succa Wall comes in two different widths, 2 meters and 3 meters. The size of the picture is the same on both the 2 and 3 meter wall, with the 3 meter wall surrounded on both sides by plain white material.


This picture is a depiction of the entrance to Jerusalem with the words  ''.עומדות היו רגלינו בשעריך ירושלים ‘’ ''Our feet stood inside your gates, O Jerusalem'' (psalms 122)

This beautiful verse describes the desire that King David had to be able to build the Holy Temple. Since the destruction of the Temple, this psalm has become incredibly meaningful and special as it symbolises the deep desire that every Jew holds in his heart for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple speedily in our days.


Height of the Wall: 2.10m / 82.7 inches

Width of the Wall: 2.00m /79 inches or 3.00m / 118.11 inches

Height of the picture: 1.60m / 63 inches

Width of the picture: 2.00m / 79 inches


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