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Kunteres Avodas Hakorbanos

Kunteres Avodas Hakorbanos

44.00 ₪מחיר

Tables and summaries of the Halachos of Korbonos their times, requirements and manner of service. 

Together with: a table on the Halochos of Tzoraas.


Sefer Vayikra and Inyanei Korbanot are always challenging. With time, the challenge may diminished significantly but doesn’t disappear. Confusing a Minchat Machavat with a Minchat Marcheshet, an Eil Nazir with an Asham Nezirut is still not unheard of. Imagine trying to teach this to children. And yet we say Yavo Tehorim Veyaasku B’tehorim.
With this in mind, two Rebbeim in the Johannesberg Cheder created a Sefer of charts and tables to assist children and their Rebbeim in understanding and retaining the complex, intricate Halachot of Korbanot.

A remarkable success, Avodas Hakorbanos is on its third Hebrew edition and now this first English translation. This Kunteres was prepared with children in mind, as is evident from the graphics, color schemes, and general layout, but can be a great aid for adults as well. 



176 pages with color illustrations












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