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Koren English-Hebrew Tanach

Koren English-Hebrew Tanach

199.00 ₪מחיר

This edition of the Koren Bible features the English translation by Prof. Harold Fisch. It is  a corrected and revised version of the Anglo-Jewish Bibles which have long been accepted for use in homes and synagogues throughout the English-speaking world. Many details have been corrected in the light of modern scholarship, or as a result of new insights into the Targumim (early Aramaic translations) and classical Jewish commentators. A primary aim of this edition has been to create an English Bible in which each English page matches the Hebrew text printed opposite it. 

A special feature of this edition, which makes it unique among Bibles in the English language, is the systematic adoption of the Hebrew forms of Biblical personal and place names. Hitherto, the English reader has been accustomed to such Hellenized forms as Eve, Isaac, Moses, etc.; he will now encounter for the first time the Hebrew forms, Havva, Yizhaq, Moshe, etc. All names are indexed at the end of the book in alphabetical order of the Hebrew forms with their equivalent Hellenistic forms. 

The transliteration adopted is based on the recommendations of the Hebrew Language Academy of Israel. By replacing names and titles based on Greek and Latin, the editors and publishers of this Hebrew-English edition signify their desire to return to a more authentic reading of the Jewish Scriptures.


Size: 13 x 21.5 cm., 5.25" x 8.50".

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